Graphic Arts

There are four categories in our graphic arts competitions. The top piece in each category will be recognized, along with the piece that best fits the theme. In addition, one work of art will receive the Pictor Anni award. The theme for this year's convention is mythological transformations.

The specific rules for Drawing and Painting are:


The criteria for judging drawing and painting are:



Degree of Skill

Design and Color


Adherence to Classical Theme


Adherence to Rules

Overall Effect


This category includes anything paint! Watercolor, acrylic, oil, or any other kind of paint falls into this category.

Pencil & Ink

Any artwork that is done with a pencil, colored pencil, pen, or any other kind of ink will be judged in this category.

Models & Mosaics


A model can be any size, and be made of anything you can imagine.


A mosaic can similarly be in any shape and size. No materials are restricted in this creative category!

Digital Art & Photography

This category includes any art that is aided by or created in a computer program, as well as any photography. The theme for this category is classical and Christian art, so a photograph of just any old flower would not count, but a photograph of a narcissus (the flower from the Echo and Narcissus myth) would be welcome. Make sure that the classical or Christian connection is clear in the title and/or description of the art.