Spirit Contest

How it will work: Each delegation should come up with creative outfits, props, cheers, chants, skits, etc. for the spirit days described below. The delegations will have a chance to show off their spirit before each General Assembly and at roll call, which will also be discussed below. 

Spirit Days: 

Judging and Prizes:  The contest will be judged by your national CCL officers. Spirit will not be judged on sheer volume of delegates, because that would give an obvious advantage to the larger delegations. Participation in the spirit days at assemblies will account for one half of each delegation’s score and the other will be taken from roll call. The delegation with the most spirit will take home the spirit trophy.

Gladiatorial Combat

Students fight with foam swords and shields. A hit to an arm means a player loses that arm. A hit to a leg means a player loses that leg. A hit to the torso means victory!

Javelin Throwing

Students will test their strength by throwing a javelin as far as they can. 

Marathon Race

All competitors will race around the field for first place. Ne caveatis! The field will not be the length of a full marathon race!

Long Jump

Jump as far as you can in the standing long jump.

Costume Contest

There are two categories for the banquet Costume Contest:

I) Judeo-Christian costumes like patriarchs, matriarchs, angels, Jewish soldiers, prophets, priests, kings, apostles, etc.

II) Greco-Roman costumes like senators, matrons, centurions, soldiers, emperors, gladiators, philosophers, gods, goddesses, creatures, heroes, etc.

If in doubt, a sheet with a few safety pins can always be wrapped in a pleasing and suitable way! The categories will be judged together, and the top three costumes for grades 4-8 and 9-12 will receive ribbons!

Costumes will be judged on authenticity, attractiveness, craftsmanship, and creativity during the banquet on Saturday.


Catapult Workshop


Grade groups will be 6th-8th and 9th-12th. The CCL reserves the right to change this grouping based on the number of entries received. Any changes made in these divisions will be announced before the competition begins. Students may make entries in groups or alone. Groups may consist of no more than 3 students, and the group will be classified by the participating student with the highest grade. For example, if a group is composed of 3 students from grades 4, 5, and 9, then the group would enter competition in the 9th-12th grade group. 

Catapult Contest


Base measurements must be no larger than 1 square foot. Length and width dimensions may be determined by the students in whichever manner best suits a particular student's or group's design. Catapult arms may be no longer than 1' long. No trebuchets please. At the convention, catapults will be tested tossing a Hershey's Kiss (to be supplied by the CCL). Places will be awarded by length of throw with the catapult throwing the Hershey's Kiss the farthest receiving 1st place (within each grade group). All catapults must be armed in a fashion that only one member is required to launch the Hershey's Kiss and they must be able to fire safely and consistently.

Click here for  one method of catapult construction using pencils.