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To partner with like minded Christians to form a chapter in all 50 states and territories.  


Let the Body of Christ come together in one mind and in one voice, in defense of faith, family and freedom!  

  1. 2007 - Barack Obama promises to fundamentally transform the United States. 
  2. 2008 - The Obama administration immediately begins to fund and promote abortion at home and overseas. 
  3. 2009 -Present
    While the current administration and their Democrat allies fund and promote abortion, homosexuality, and hostility toward Christians, America's pulpits and leading Christian voices are silent. 
  4. 2014 -After a series of meetings and reflections about the silent church and the hostile administration, three pastors form the Christian Emergency League. 

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Calvin Lindstrom 

Our Executive Director is Pastor of the Church of Christian Liberty of Arlington Heights, IL. He and his wife, Rebekah, are currently homeschooling their four children. He has a great passion for Christian education at home and in Christian schools. 

Contact Pastor Lindstrom at:

James Pittman Jr.
Our Associate Director who manages outreach and development is Pastor of New Hope Community Church in Palatine Illinois.  He and his wife Lena are raising three boys.  Originally from The Big Easy, James is a passionate Saints fan. 

Contact Pastor Pittman at:

John Kirkwood
Our Associate Director who manages Media Communications is Pastor of Grace Gospel Fellowship, Bensenville, Illinois. John writes a weekly column for and he and his wife Wendy have three children. 

Contact Pastor Kirkwood at:

mission & vision

The Watchmen on the Wall.  The Black Robed Regiment.  CEL seeks to call to accountability our representatives both in the congress and the pulpit.  

our leadership team

Our Hope is in God.  We realize that we cannot count on political solutions or an anemic church to lead. The next generation of American Heroes will have to pursue faithfulness, come what may. We realize that America isn't in the shape it's in today because sinners act like sinners, but because saints haven't acted at all.  We will seek to be that "conscience of the state" that Bonhoeffer spoke of, and we will call both the pulpit and the politician to accountability.  

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Our mission

"Yet I have reserved 7000

who have not bowed the knee"